Advantages of Inverter Technology

  • TOTALLY ADAPTABLE to the real needs of the facilities.
  • GREATER COMFORT. The duration and intensity of cold and heat excesses are reduced. Furthermore, the desired temperature is quickly reached, as heating or cooling down a room requires half the time when compared to a conventional air-conditioning unit.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS. This avoids the constant start-up of the system and optimises the production of energy depending on demand. An inverter unit can generate energy savings of up to 50%.
  • QUIETER: an inverter air-conditioning unit produces a sound level 40% below a traditional unit.
  • LONGER LIFESPAN: by avoiding these constant on/off cycles, the lifespan of both the compressor and the equipment increases
  • MORE HEAT PUMP EFFICIENCY: units with an inverter heat pump can function correctly when the outside temperature is lower (for traditional equipment, the temperature limit is around -6 0C, for inverter units, it can reach -15 0C).
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: they reduce considerably CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.